Under the Primary Care program, patients pay a low monthly membership fee in exchange for health care services. There is no enrollment fee and no long term contract.

Primary Care members receive unlimited office visits, telemedicine, and home visits if medically necessary.

  • Membership fee
    • Adult (20 years old and over) $79/month
    • Children (19 years old and younger) $40/month (with 1 paying adult, $79 + $40 = $119)
    • Couple $125/month
    • Family Plan $140/month (2 adult and 1+ dependent(s))

What is Primary Care?

60 minutes to go through all your medical issues. No rushed visits. We do not bill insurance and we are not insurance. We provide a monthly membership model where you pay $79 a month and you can see us as often as you need.


Primary Care Membership


Primary Care Membership at Greenbrier Health & Wellness Center includes Comprehensive Primary Care Services.

Call us at 757-609-3301 to book an appointment and enroll to become a member. You can set up your membership account and can be seen at the same time.

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