Greenbrier Health and Wellness Center offers a full range of primary care services. We make your health our utmost priority by creating an affordable quality, direct primary care. Our mission is to provide individualized medical care with a strong emphasis on preventative care, health promotion, chronic disease management, and behavioral health strategies. Our main goal is to help patients in the community achieve their optimum health with a holistic approach.


    • Initial Visit for Comprehensive Health Review and Physical Exam (60-90 minutes)
      • Body composition analysis
      • ECG if indicated
    • Blood test (glucose, lipid panel, and other blood tests if indicated)
      • You may bring blood test results from PCP taken within a year
    • Learn the basics of weight loss, the health risk of obesity, diet, and exercise
    • Every 1-2 weeks (30 minutes visits) for weigh-in, health coaching, planning, and goal setting
    • Monthly medication prescription (e.g., Phentermine, Phentermine/Topiramate, Contrave, Peptides, etc.)
    • Vitamin B12 injection (additional $10/injection)
    • Vitamin B12 Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC)  L-Carnitine injection (additional $15/injection)
    • Monthly cost: $79.00


  • Patients pay a low monthly membership fee in exchange for services.
  • Services for members include unlimited office visits, telemedicine, and home visits, if necessary.
CALL US at 757-609-3301 to make an appointment. (Leave a message, and we will call you back as soon as possible)

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