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Greenbrier Health & Wellness Center provides a customized weight loss program that is affordable for everyone. It includes an initial comprehensive health review with physical examination and ECG if indicated, body composition analysis, health coaching, FDA approved obesity medication prescription, vitamin B12 or vitamin B12+MIC+L-Carnitine injection if indicated.



What is a medical weight loss?

  • Utilizing medical science and medications to help assist patients to lose weight. 
  • Medical weight loss is a guided weight loss program by a medical provider (physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants).
  • It is not surgery.
  • It may or may not involve medication. FDA approved weight loss medications that are safe are prescribed if appropriate (e.g., Phentermine, Lomaira, Qysemia, Saxenda, Wygovy, Contrave, Evekeo, Orlistat, Peptides, etc.)
  • A customized holistic approach that involves regular follow up visits, health coaching, nutrition counseling, physical fitness, and psychological strategies.

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Greenbrier Health & Wellness Center Medical Weight Loss Program:


    • Initial Visit for Comprehensive Health Review, Physical Exam, and Health Coaching (90 minutes)
      • Body composition analysis
      • ECG if indicated
      • Blood test (You may bring blood test results from your PCP taken within a year)
      • Prescription Medications to Treat Overweight & Obesity (e.g., Phentermine, Lomaira, Qysemia, Saxenda, Wygovy, Contrave, Evekeo, Orlistat, Peptides, etc.)
    • Learn the basics of weight loss, obesity as a chronic disease, health risk of obesity, diet, and exercise
    • Weekly weigh-in with body composition analysis
    • Monthly follow up, health coaching, re-assessment, medication prescription 
    • Vitamin B12 injection (additional $10/injection)
    • Vitamin B12 + Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) L-Carnitine injection (additional $15/injection)
    • Initial weight loss visit (90 minutes): $140
    • Monthly follow up visit/medication refill (30 minutes): $100
TEXT or CALL US and leave a message at 757-609-3301 to request for an appointment


Greenbrier Health & Wellness Center
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Chesapeake, VA 23320
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